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List your car on OpenRoad

It's like AirBnB for your car. Just fill out the listing form below and we'll ensure your car qualifies.


Confirm your bookings

When users want to rent out your car, we notify you of the person and the dates they have requested.


Pickup & Drop-off

Get your car to the renter on the pickup date, and have it returned to you on the drop-off date.


Get paid monthly

At the end of each month, we'll send you the earnings from your bookings. We also give monthly bonuses for the top reviewed cars.

Some common OpenRoad questions.

How exactly does this work?

Once your car qualifies as an OpenRoad vehicle, your listing will go live to thousands of potential car renters in the GTA.

You'll set the availability of your car, and renters will be able to book your car for the duration they request (like booking a hotel).

We make sure that drivers have a valid license and are insured before confirming their booking.

How much do I make?

OpenRoad will suggest the price of your car to potential renters depending on the make, model, year and condition of the vehicle. But you can always choose to set your own price.

You'll make between 75%-90% of the revenue generated by your car. On average, our listers have made between $300 - $600 per month, depending on their car.

How does insurance work?

When people book your car, we automatically allocate a portion of their fees to cover liability insurance for them. If you already have your own commercial insurance, you can earn more of the trip cost.

How do I get my car to stand out?

After each trip with your car, renters can leave reviews of their experience with you. The better the community reviews you, the more we highlight your car to renters - helping you make more money.

Make hundreds of dollars a month renting out your car on OpenRoad

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What are OpenRoad owners saying?

Perfect for car owners in condos!

Toronto, Ontario

I live in a downtown-Toronto condo. Most of the time, my Audi just sits in the parking garage.

I discovered there are tons of people in my building who want to use my car. Now my car is making me $100s a month!

Dorsa Giyahi

Extra cars mean extra cash.

Vaughan, Ontario

We are a family of four and and have an extra car that we barely ever use. It was sitting there collecting dust.

OpenRoad helps us turn cars that were costing us money into assets that are making us money.

Yitzhak Lewin

Helps me afford my dream car.

Scarborough, Ontario

I always dreamed of owning a BMW 3-Series but it was never realistically afforadble for me.

Once I found OpenRoad though, I bought it, listed it and can now afford it comfortably. Awesome service!

Anand Mistry

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